The Leasing Department
Your in-house property team. Outsourced.

The Leasing Department

Retailing leasing experts

We provide specialist leasing and property services to
independent, multi-site and franchise retail tenants
Australia wide.

Just like an in-house property team, we seek to bring a deep understanding of your business to every lease negotiation and make your business goals our own. We ensure your leasing and property strategy aligns with your broader business objectives and aim to achieve maximum returns upfront as well as secure a lease that is a valuable long term asset. We work with a diverse range of retailers from single store owners to multi-site, portfolio clients. Our services span the entire retail property lifecycle including:


Whether you're looking for your first retail shop, or ready to grow and open new sites, we align our search to your growth strategy and business objectives. Our services include:

  • Location intelligence
  • Network planning
  • Site acquisition


Our primary role is to negotiate the best terms possible for your retail lease, and ensure all minimum lease requirements specific to your business are in place.  We can represent you in all lease event negotiations including:

  • New leases
  • Lease renewals
  • Exercising lease option terms
  • Mid-term negotiations


Your lease is the most important asset you have. Without it, you are out of business.  If it performs poorly, it will be a significant liability on your P&Ls. Our key objective therefore is to ensure we increase the value of your lease and ensure it sits alongside other significant assets in your business.

  • Lease performance analysis
  • Strategic planning for improvement
  • Business strategy input

If you’re renewing your lease, undertaking a market rent review or need advice on a concern with your retail lease we’re here to assist. Pop your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch. You can also click the button below for a free over the phone consultation with one of our retail leasing experts.

  Phone Number: 1300 366 187

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Tell us a little more about your business and what help you're looking for. Details about your existing shop and lease, shop and shopping centre name and location will all be useful information for us to know before we catch-up. We'll be in touch as soon as possible.

"Property and leasing decisions play such an important role in our members’ overall business success.

"Kyle has the ability to effectively communicate with all our members - no matter their size or circumstance. He quickly assesses their leasing needs or tenancy issues to provide them with expert advice and assistance. "


The Leasing Department is a trusted partner of the National Retail Association and Hardware Australia.