The Leasing Department
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We believe every retailer can have their own leasing department.

Areas of Expertise


Network planning AND
Site sourcing

Whether you're looking for your first retail shop, or ready to grow and open new sites, we align our search to your growth strategy and business objectives. Our services include:

  • Location intelligence - we ensure your next retail location is a smart choice for your business using simple demographics analysis or extensive geo-spatial demographics and data analysis to support site location recommendations.
  • Network planning - we work with you to develop a longer term property plan that identifies multiple, potential sites and prioritises them to maximise return on your investment over time. 
  • Site acquisition - we work closely with you to understand your business objectives and document your exact site requirements. Using this criteria, we then connect with our extensive network of landlords and agents Australia wide to source and secure the very best sites available for your business.

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negotiating lease terms and

Our primary role is to negotiate the best terms possible for your retail lease, and ensure all minimum lease requirements specific to your business are in place.  We can represent you in all lease event negotiations including:

  • New leases -  we negotiate all aspects of your new lease to maximise the return on your investment over the life of the lease. We ensure specific requirements such as 'right of entry waivers' and 'step-in deeds' are included in the terms when appropriate and your rights as a tenant are protected throughout the process.
  • Lease renewals -  ideally negotiations for your lease renewal commence 12 - 18 months before your existing lease expires. By taking a proactive approach to your lease renewal, we assess opportunity cost and leverage those scenarios to achieve the best terms possible. 
  • Exercising lease option terms - exercising lease option terms is a process. We manage it from start to finish, and ensure options to reduce (or minimise increases to) base rent and improve the occupancy cost ratio (OCR) during this small window of opportunity are taken. Securing the tenure over your premises can be at risk if the process is not completed in line with requirements of the relevant legislation in your state or territory. 
  • Market rent reviews - we take the stress out of what can be a very challenging process that differs in each state and territory.  We seek to achieve a base rent outcome that realigns base rent with market conditions and places your business in the best possible position to be successful in the next lease period. 
  • Mid-term negotiations - we can negotiate with landlords on a range of matters relating to your lease during the term of the lease. We have extensive experience in all types of negotiations that can arise during a lease term from: landlord disputes; surrendering a lease; extensions to a lease term; change of uses; and assignment of leases.

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performance and business

Your lease is the most important asset you have. Without it, you are out of business.  If it performs poorly, it will be a significant liability on your P&Ls. Our key objective therefore is to ensure we increase the value of your lease and ensure it sits alongside other significant assets in your business.

  • Lease performance analysis -  we analyse the OCR and other retail metrics and compare them to industry specific benchmarks to gain a clear picture of how your business is performing; and how that performance compares against similar businesses.
  • Strategic planning for improvement - based on the findings of the lease performance analysis, we develop strategies to improve performance and realign lease terms to meet market conditions.
  • Business strategy input - we offer input to your business strategy at any stage of the business's life to ensure property decisions remain aligned to company goals and objectives and market forces, and the lease remains a valuable asset for your business.

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